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24 Jun 2014


Although it's taken us nearly 30 years to find a tannery capable of reproducing the classic Suede of the 1930s it's been worth the wait as we've finally taken delivery of a proper traditional high grade Vegetable tanned Suede, double faced with a leather finish on the reverse side, the perfect suede to recreate classic 1930s leisure wear jackets.

While we are delighted to be able to offer this superb Goat Suede for most of our 1930s styles there has to be the proviso that we can only make jackets whose panels will fit into the smaller Goat Suede skins. To start with we'll be using two classic colours, a pale golden brown and rust, the two most iconic of the colours used "back in the day". The jackets, like the suede, will be of the highest calibre using the historically correct Talon and Hookless zippers, checked cotton linings, Corozo buttons etc. and recreate the spirit of the original in every possible way. The majority of original 1930s Suede half belts were made using the leather side on the facings, collar and inner cuffs, the three areas of highest wear for practical purposes but also ideal as a design feature. We feel this is the optimum way to use this amazing material otherwise there was no need for us to find a Suede tanned and finished on both sides, we saw plenty of good suede during our search but this was the only one tanned as it was in the mid 20th Century.

During the Great Depression whilst Horsehide jackets were considered work wear and the all purpose jacket of the blue collar worker or the man on welfare, a Suede Jacket was considered a luxury garment, a prized possession and a mark of social standing. The honest fact is that these were luxury garments often reserved for evenings and weekend and were never going to stand up to decades of wear in the same way their Horsehide equivalent would. This is reflected in today's on line auctions where it's virtually impossible to find one these originals in wearable condition for less than $1000 and even at that price it's likely to be quite fragile.



The search for what we feel is "The Holy Grail" of vintage Suede also provided Aero with a real bonus in the discovery of a traditional tannery producing the most amazing vegetable tanned pebbled Goat leather we've seen in many years. After making up a few sample jackets from the first delivery of Dark Brown, we were so impressed we've placed a large order for a Rich Dark Brown and Black. Delivery is due early in July and we are taking orders for most of our styles in this beautiful leather, again however, with the proviso that we can only make jackets whose panels will fit into the smaller skins associated with Goat Leather. We highly recommend this leather for our 1930s Half Belts, our Type A-2s, especially the Bronco and both our USN jackets.