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Mis-Sold Steerhide/Horsehide Jackets (Mid 2010-Sept 2012)

04 Dec 2012

In September 2012 the original founders of Aero (Ken and Lydia Calder) returned to the company, replacing the management team which had been in place since 2004 - none of whom are any longer employed by Aero.

Aero is now, once again, being run in the way it was run from 1981 to 2004.

During November 2012 it came to our attention that the previous management of Aero Leather have been responsible for the mis-selling of some Aero Leather jackets. These jackets have been cut from Horween's heavy 4oz Chrome Excell Tanned Steerhide but labelled and sold as Front Quarter Horsehide.

If any customers have purchased any very heavy ‘Horsehide' jackets from Aero Leathers during this period, and are in any doubt about the authenticity of the leather in regard to the labelling used in the product they have received, those customers should email Aero Leather will be happy to inspect the product and confirm what the leather is, and, in appropriate circumstances, offer a replacement jacket.

Several of these mis-labelled jackets have now been examined by both Horween & Aero Leather and we both feel this constitutes a serious misrepresentation that neither Horween nor Aero Leather wish to be associated and we can confirm that we regard this mis-selling as extremely serious. As our loyal and valued customers are aware, customer satisfaction and the authenticity of our products are our paramount considerations.

Please note, this only applies to the very heavy 4 oz Aero Leather jackets made between mid 2010 and Sept 2012. Once again, we can confirm that the persons involved in this mis-selling of Aero jackets are no longer employed by Aero and have absolutely no association with Aero Leather nor with The Horween Leather Company.