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New Vegetable Tanned Double Faced Goatskin Suede

05 Jun 2018

Aero are immensely proud to re-launch yet another long forgotten leather, a Vegetable Tanned Double Faced Goatskin Suede, probably the finest suede every produced and one that hasn't been made since the 1930s.

To quote the respected "Art of Vintage Leather Jacket" blog...

"1930s suedes were the creme of the fashion product of their day. 1930s suede is quite unique and unlike any I have ever seen. The inside is always the top grain of the hide and the suede side is always a super, super fine nap."

Today, the Suede described above "Is no longer unique to the 1930s" as we've had this Suede recreated exactly as it was tanned in the 1930s. It's been a long haul though, for at least the last 25 years we've been trying to find a tannery that could recreate this legendary Goat Suede, we've come close a few times but we wanted perfection, now, finally we've managed find a tanner capable of recreating this long lost leather to perfection, 100% so, the weight, the touch, the drape, the appearance and the quality are all identical, it really is the most incredible leather, almost worth the 25 year wait!!

A Suede of this rarity and quality deserves to be teamed with the right jacket, and for this reason it will only be available for our 1930s Styles, firstly because the skins are quite small and therefore more suited to the styles it was originally used for but more importantly to protect the integrity and historical accuracy of such a rare material.

This isn't the first time Aero have brought a long-lost leather back to life. In 1986 Aero resurrected Horsehide as a leather to make Jackets from. Arnold Missner, the President of Horween at the time told us nobody had used Horsehide for the manufacture of jacket for 25 years and he doubted that anyone would be interested in such a heavy jacket. 30 years later and there's not a single top flight manufacturer who doesn't use Horsehide, not to mention many at a much lower level.

Order the Majestic here now!