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Pure Harris Wool Hand Knitted Socks - Green

Low Stock

For the last few years we�ve offered a small range of Harris Tweed clothing, Harris Wool knitwear in addition to the option of fitting Harris Tweed linings in our Aero jackets.

Due to the present situation limiting the choice of shades and patterns and fact that Harris wool cloth and wool is very labour intensified we have tried as far as possible to deal direct with the weavers and knitters on Harris to do what we can to help support this wonderful Scottish home industry through the recent, and hopefully temporary, turbulence.

For many centuries past the crofters and fishermen on the Outer Hebrides wore heavy woollen sweaters and socks hand knitted using the same wool used to weave Harris Tweed. No other wool stands up to the weather unique on the remote islands like that of the hardy native sheep and these new socks, hand knitted in this heavy wool, offer better warmth than any other type of wool, that�s why all the fishermen and crofters on The western Isles wear them.

For many centuries wild and hardy sheep have roamed the Hebridean Islands, their heavy wool protecting them from the elements. This wool was harvested by the islanders every summer then hand knitted into heavy sweaters and socks or woven into the cloth that became known as "Harris Tweed".

Some of this locally produced wool would have been dyed using vegetable dyes and some used in its natural uncoloured state. Following dyeing, the wool was mixed, oiled, teased and carded prior to being drawn out for spinning carried out on familiar spinning-wheels by the local crofter's wives and daughters.

Today these mothers, daughters and grannies are still hand knitting traditional Hebridean Knitwear, such as these amazing socks, in the same way generations of their ancestors did in time long since past.

These gorgeous Harris Wool Socks are available in sizes Small/Medium UK 7-10 (US 8-11) and Large UK 10-12 (US 11-13). In a Rust, Forest Green, Speckled Grey and Deep Blue.