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USAAF W535ac-16160 Type A-2

USAAF W535ac-16160 Type A-2, The fourth Aero Contract Type A-2 NOW AVAILABLE... MORE >>

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2 jacket

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2 USAAF 1938 Flight Jacket... MORE >>

USAAF Aero 40-3785-P Type A-2

Rare jacket, represents an interesting transition between the complex 1938 A-2 and the more common 1942 jacket... MORE >>

Aero "Real Deal" 42-15142-P Type A-2 Unmatched Horsehide

Probably the nearest to a WWII A2 made since 1943, made from the original 42-15142-P contract Aero A-2 patterns... MORE >>

USAAF 42-15142-P Type A-2

The Legendary 1942 Aero Leather Clothing 42-15142-P Type A-2... MORE >>

USAAF Type A-2, 42-18775-P By Aero Leather Clothing

Perfect recreation of the last of the seven USAAF contracts awarded to Aero between 1937 and 1942... MORE >>

Bronco W535AC29191 Type A-2

Bronco Type A-2 USAAF Flight Jacket available in horsehide and goatskin... MORE >>

"Unknown Maker" Contract No 1756 Type A-2

"Unknown Maker" Contract No 1756 Type A-2 leather jacket... MORE >>

Escape Whistle for A-2 Jacket

WW2 escape whistle made by the original wartime supplier, with all AM markings - £20... MORE >>