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**NEW** "Moonshiner"

Moonshiner - A 1920s button front take on our classic 'Bootlegger' design.... MORE >>

**NEW** 1940's Lettermans Jacket

1940's Letterman's Jacket - a post WW2 classic.... MORE >>


Aeromarine - A 1920s Forerunner of the Type A-1... MORE >>


August - A 1930s Half Belted Jacket... MORE >>

"Blizzard" - Limited Edition

Limitied edition, blanket lined cold weather coat.... MORE >>

"Board Racer"

Board Racer - An 'All New' 1930s style from Aero... MORE >>

"1950s College Jacket"

A Classic Sports Jacket... MORE >>


Aero's Original Cropduster Re-Introduced ... MORE >>


Dustbowl - A Jacket reflecting the Utilitarian designs of the Great Depression era... MORE >>

"The Original 59'er Highwayman"

A perfect recreation of the legendary Rivetts of Leytonstone 1950's Highwayman... MORE >>

Highwayman leather jacket


The original and legendary Aero Leather "Highwayman". Available in Seven Colours SOME SIZES NOW AVAILABLE FROM STOCK FOR SAME DAY DISPATCH... MORE >>


Hudson - The Ultimate Foul Weather Jacket, perfect protection from the elements with style... MORE >>

"The Maxwell" A typical Horsehide Chore Jacket

"The Maxwell" a classic leather jacket from The Great Depression era.... MORE >>


Mulligan - A Classic Piece of 1920s American Workwear... MORE >>


Northeaster - Another new design from Aero created to beat the worst of weathers... MORE >>

"Original Hercules"

The "Original Hercules" by Aero. A perfect recreation of the famous 1935 Sears &  Roebuck version... MORE >>


Pioneer, a 1940s Half Belt ... MORE >>


Plainsman - A streamlined late 1930s Longer Half Belt... MORE >>


Aero's reproduction of an original Levi Strauss Goatskin Jacket from the 1940s... MORE >>


"Royale", A British 1930s Golf Jacket, a classic Sports Jacket from the Golden Days of British Tailoring  ... MORE >>

"Shackleton Waistcoat"

An Edwarian Leather Waistcoat for The Explorer... MORE >>


Speedway - A Classic 1930s Jacket designed for Dirt Track Racing... MORE >>


Sunburst - Stunning New 1930s jacket by Aero with a spectacular back design... MORE >>

"Thunderbay" - with Sheepskin Lining

Thunder Bay - A Fur Collared Leather Jacket lined in Sheepskin offering total protection against the elements.... MORE >>

"Trail Rider"

Inspired by early motorcycle jackets from the 1930's. and recently upgraded by Aero -... MORE >>

"Two Tone Dustbowl"

Two Tone Dustbowl - A Horsehide Jacket that crossed the great divide between the rich and the poor in 1930s America... MORE >>


Wayfarer - A Late 1930s Half Belt... MORE >>

Traditional "Western" Leather Shirt

Classic Western Shirt in soft leather... MORE >>

Wool and Horsehide Half Belt

Two versions of our old favourite, the Wool and Leather Half Belt... MORE >>

"1960s Type 3 Leather Jean Jacket"

1960s Type 3 Leather Jean Jacket with Stud closure... MORE >>

"1960s Type 3 Suede Jean Jacket"

1960s Type 3 Suede Jean Jacket, with Leather Collar or optional Suede Collar... MORE >>

Aero Jackets > Premier Range

**NEW** The Aero Premier Range Sea Biscuit

**NEW FROM AERO** The Premier Sea Biscuit Jacket, inspired by the film jacket.... MORE >>

The Aero Premier Range 1930s Highwayman

The "all new" 1930s Highwayman, a slim fitting version of the Aero classic... MORE >>

The Aero Premier Range 1930s Half Belt

A very special 1930s Slim Fitting Half Belt cut from our new "Premium" patterns... MORE >>

The Aero Premier Range 1920s Work Coat

1920s Horsehide and Melton Work Coat... MORE >>

Aero Jackets > Heavy Horsehide
Barnstormer jacket


Double-breasted 4-pocket coat, four deep pockets, finest Alpaca Wool lining, hand-sewn buttons and pure wool knitted storm cuffs, set into the cotton sleeve lining for draught resistance... MORE >>

"Shawl Collar Barnstormer" with Sheepskin LIning

"Shawl Collar Barnstormer" - Sheepskin lined, leather jacket... MORE >>


This cross between an early flight jacket and a motorcycle jacket represents a vintage styling no longer made by any other manufacturer... MORE >>

Cheyenne jacket


Classic "Cheyenne" style leather jacket. A single breasted coat, similar to the Barnstormer.... MORE >>

"1930's Cossack"

Variation of the classic Depression Era half belted jacket.  Designed for harsh climates and winter wear... MORE >>

"1950's Flight Jacket"

Four pocket design still typically referred to as a "Bomber" Jacket or "Fly Boys" jacket... MORE >>

"1930's Slim Fit Half Belt"

Typical 1930's Slim fitting utility jacket... MORE >>

"1950's Half Belt"

The Original  Aero Half Belt , our recreation of the iconic 1950s Half Belted Utility Jacket.... MORE >>

"1950's Half Belt Deluxe" Fur Collar

All time classic American horsehide jacket in 1950's design with fur collar, half belt and deep hand-warmer pockets... MORE >>

"Half Belt Deluxe"

Half Belt Deluxe leather jacket... MORE >>

"Long Half Belt"

Designed for all weathers, gives the wearer a top quality longer length coat designed for warmth and practicality... MORE >>

"Happy Days"

Similar in style to the one worn by The Fonz in the classic American TV series. Two hand warmer pockets in the front and knitted cuffs and waistband... MORE >>

hercules jacket


Five pockets: two side pockets and two large patch pockets with lovely curved detail on pocket flap, and one breast pocket... MORE >>

"Longshoreman" Sheepskin Lined

"Longshoreman" - The ultimate in cold weather protection with genuine Sheepskin lining... MORE >>

Mariner - Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide jacket


A leather version of the naval pea coat,  with Alpaca wool lining. Similar to the Barnstormer but with more rounded collar lapels... MORE >>

"Route 66"

An original Aero design based on a classic sports leather jacket from the 1940's... MORE >>


Two large patch pockets, four hand-sewn buttons,  keyhole buttonholes and a straight line cuff, simple but stylish... MORE >>


"Teamster" A button front, half-belted Jacket... MORE >>

Veste de Rallye jacket

"Veste Des Rallye"

60's styled car coat cut with simple two pocket design.  Lined in pure Alpaca Wool imported from Peru and finished with keyhole sewn button holes and hand-stitched buttons... MORE >>

"Windward"- Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide

Short, neat fitting jacket from the 1950s, often worn by Hollywood film stars.Lined as standard in Alpaca wool with cotton drill sleeve lining and stormcuffs... MORE >>