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Coat Hangers

Storing your Aero leather jacket on a poor quality hanger can alter the shape of your jacket and cause creasing over time. Our Aero Leathers Coat Hangers are designed with leather jacket storage in mind. Our leather coat hangers are made of sturdy birch & boast a natural shoulder slope that will keep your leather jacket in pristine condition.

Why choose an Aero coat hanger for your leather jacket?

We often have nightmares about people storing their handmade leather jackets on typical suit hangers. Store-bought hangers cause your leather jacket to hang at an unnatural angle which can cause permanent damage to the shape and style. 

By choosing an Aero coat hanger, you can rest assured that your leather jacket will look its best the next time you wear it. Each Aero coat hanger features a natural shoulder slope that keeps your leather jacket in the correct shape - a true wardrobe essential in our opinion!

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