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Pre-owned Leather Jackets

The jackets we craft at our workshop in Scotland are designed and built to last a lifetime – the pre-owned jackets listed here are testament to that. Not only will you still get decades of wear out of these broken-in beauties, many look even better than they did new - the gorgeous patina and grain development giving each jacket its own stunning and unique character.

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Why choose a pre-owned leather jacket from Aero Leathers?

A pre-owned Aero is unlike almost any other garment you’re likely to buy 2nd hand. Not only are our you going to get decades of regular wear out of it due to the quality and durability of our jackets, but an Aero really does look even more stunning as it ages - in fact, we often say the worst an Aero will look is the day it’s made!

Once a jacket has a chance to break in with wear, the leather will start to soften up, developing its own shape and crease marks. The leather will also appreciate a beautiful patina and grain with wear and exposure to the elements – with all this history being etched into the surface and continually developing over time, giving the jacket its own unique character and the unmistakable look of a ‘worn-in’ quality leather jacket.

When your buy one of our pre-owned jackets, the main benefit is that you get a jacket with this feel and look authentically with someone else having done all of the hard work! This section is not to be overlooked when you’re considering buying a leather jacket – often some of the best looking jackets we have available are pre-owned.


If you'd prefer a leather jacket that's made especially for you, you can shop our made to order leather jackets here.