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Aero Leather Jackets

We offer an extensive range of vintage jacket designs, including authentic recreations of the early-to-mid 20th century's most iconic styles. All of our custom leather jackets are expertly hand-crafted by the Aero team to evoke the unmatched quality and flair of this golden age of fashion.

Custom Leather Jackets (Made to Order)

Since 1981, our family-run business has been a pioneer of the reproduction leather jacket industry. We’ve led the way for years, crafting jackets based on iconic 1920s – 1960s styling to a standard as exquisite and as hard-wearing as the originals.

Taking iconic vintage styles and crafting them the traditional way is what we do. From our series of utility jackets inspired by 1920s / 1930s workwear to our range of 1950s motorcycle jacket recreations, we now manufacture a range of over 100 classic coats, all of which evoke the high points of early-to-mid 20th century fashion and culture.

Our custom-made leather jackets are available in a plethora of different leather and lining combinations, plus many other customisation options. You can personalise your leather jacket right down to the stitch colour, creating something that's totally unique to you.

The Aero brand is synonymous with top-quality leather jackets. There simply isn't another manufacturer out there doing what we do and offering the same level of flexibility and quality. If you want a custom leather jacket tailored to your specifications, order from our website or contact the Aero team today.