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For decades we’ve led the way in recreating some of the finest vintage knitwear designs of the early 20th century. Our now-famous range of exclusive Aero Knitwear includes our recreations of British Armed Forces WW2 military issue knitwear, our range of 1920s/1930s Sports Sweaters and our collection of authentic Fair Isle sweaters crafted using original patterns.

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Why buy knitwear from Aero Clothing?

The cold seasons call for one thing – high quality knitwear! High street knitwear made of polyester and other man-made materials is known for its poor quality and detrimental impact on the environment.


Here at Aero Clothing, we provide knitwear made of 100% natural wool, knitted with love and care in Scotland. Why choose low-quality, mass-produced knitwear when we supply knitwear that will last you a lifetime?


Wool is one of the most ecologically sound materials on the planet. Unlike other animals, most sheep are unable to shed their coat. If a sheep goes too long without being shorn the excess wool impedes the ability of sheep to regulate their body temperatures. This can be fatal.


Instead of the non-biodegradable synthetics many high street garments are made from, wool is a natural and renewable resource: when a woollen garment is finally disposed of it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of months or years.