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Vintage Leather Jackets

Given our expertise and experience in the market, we have a keen eye for exquisite vintage and collectible items and often, original and rare pieces that we acquire make their way onto this page. Any restoration work carried out by our team of experts to breathe life back into these little pieces of history will be listed, but many are sold with all original elements intact.

Why choose a vintage leather jacket from Aero Leathers?

Given that our entire range is inspired by the clothing and styles of the wartime era, as well as our company’s origins as the ‘Thrift Shop’ in London (a vintage clothing specialist dealing almost exclusively with items from this period) naturally we have a keen eye for exquisite vintage and collectible items.

Original examples from this period (especially those in good condition) are getting increasingly hard to come by and subsequently the value of these pieces as investments/collectors’ items are always increasing.

Our love and respect for these classic original pieces guides our philosophy to always do our best to repair and leave as much of the original intact as possible. Sometimes we’ll need to do some restoration work in the form of a new lining or set of knits, but we’ll always let you know any work that’s been carried out in the listing.

Some truly stunning pieces of history have featured in this section over the years, so any collectors/aficionados should certainly keep an eye on this page.