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British Armed Forces

Featuring our range of R.A.F sheepskin reproductions spanning from early to late WW2, including the rare, hooded version reserved for the R.A.F. Coastal Command as well as our unequalled range of WW2 British Armed Forces knitwear.

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British Armed Forces reproductions from Aero Leathers

Our British Armed Forces department features our range of faithful reproductions of jackets worn by pilots and crewmembers of the Royal Air Force during WW2.

Popularly known as ‘Irvin’ flight jackets after their designer Leslie Irvin, these iconic jackets were as synonymous with the British airborne war effort as the Spitfire or the Lancaster Bomber.

As the war marched on and resources became scarcer, the amount of panelling in many flight jackets increased to decrease wastage of valuable materials. This process can be seen our range from the Pre-War to the Late WW2 recreations.

This department also features our world-famous recreations of British Armed Forces knitwear – including our R.A.F. Comforts sweaters and Royal Navy Submariners.