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USAAF Jackets

Our range of faithful reproductions of jackets worn by pilots and crewmembers of the United States Army Air Forces during WW2. Featuring recreations of several contracts of the iconic Type A-2 as well as a collection of the USAAF’s most beautiful heavy-duty sheepskin jackets.

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United States Army Air Force Jackets from Aero Leathers

Aero Leathers have been at the forefront of the flight jacket reproduction industry for the last four decades!

Manufactured by our team of experts using traditional working methods and the highest-grade materials, the jackets in this collection are faithful recreations of those worn by USAAF pilots and crewmembers during the WW2 era.

From the Type A-2 to the Type B-3, many of the most iconic and in our opinion, best flight jackets of the 20th century were made by the USAAF during the WW2 era – their undeniable utility and style still appreciated to this day by enthusiasts and casual observers alike.