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Air Corps US Army Type A-1 jacket

Air Corps US Army Type A-1

Summer flying jacket in horsehide leather with knitted collar and cuffs - £475... MORE >>


USAAF Type AN-J-3, possibly the rarest of all Flight Jackets - £575... MORE >>

Type B-3 Contract No. 42-22899-P

1930's sheepskin jacket manufactured to exact 1942 military specification - £725... MORE >>

Type B-3 Arctic

USAAF Type B-3 Arctic Heavy Shearling Sheepskin jacket with extra strong Horsehide sleeve and seam overlays - £725... MORE >>

Type B-6 Shearling Flight Jacket

Lightweight sheepskin jacket, a flying version of the Ground Crew Type D-1 - £725... MORE >>

Type B-6 "Redskin" Shearling Flight Jacket

One of the rarest flight jackets of WW2, stylish and lightweight sheepskin - £725... MORE >>

Type ANJ-4 - Shearling Flight Jacket

Type AN-J-4 - Shearling Flight Jacket

Seal brown sheepskin jacket with either seal brown horsehide trim or brown oil pull horsehide trim - £725... MORE >>

Type B-7 Arctic Parka

Type B7 Arctic Parka - £900... MORE >>

Type C-3 Shearling Flight Vest

USAAF type C-3 sheepskin vest from the 1930's - £300... MORE >>

Type D-1 Shearling Flight Jacket

Type D-1 Shearling Ground Crew Jacket

Lightweight sheepskin jacket with two zip pockets issued to USAAF ground crew personnel - £650... MORE >>

Redskin Shearling Flight Jacket

Type D-1 "Redskin" Shearling Jacket

A simple lightweight sheepskin jacket with two zip pockets, originally intended for use by USAAF ground crew personnel,but adopted by many fliers due to it's comfort and simplicity - £675... MORE >>

USAAF A-10 Intermediate Leather Flying Gloves

USAAF A-10 Intermediate Leather Flying Gloves Black... MORE >>

AAF Ariel bomb safety pin tag zipper puller

"Bomb Tag" safety pin zipper pull tag popular with flight jackets in WW2 - £15... MORE >>

Aero Quartermasters Issue Type A-2 Clearance

A selection of Type A-2 jackets in various sizes £375 each to clear from stock for immediate delivery Bronco : 42-18775-P : 42-15142-P : 1756 contracts  ... MORE >>

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2 jacket

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2

Aero 38-1711-P Type A-2 leather jacket - £535    STOCK AVAILABILITY... MORE >>

Aero 40-3785-P Type A-2

Rare jacket, represents an interesting transition between the complex 1938 A-2 and the more common 1942 jacket - £530... MORE >>

USAAF 42-15142-P Type A-2 in Horsehide

The new upgraded Aero Leather Clothing 42-15142-P Type A-2 - £500... MORE >>

"Unknown Maker" Contract No 1756 Type A-2

"Unknown Maker" Contract No 1756 Type A-2 leather jacket - £500... MORE >>

Aero "Real Deal" 42-15142-P Type A-2 Unmatched Horsehide

Probably the nearest to a WWII A2 made since 1943, made from the original 42-15142-P contract Aero A-2 patterns - £475... MORE >>

Bronco W535AC29191 Type A-2

Bronco Type A-2 jacket available in horsehide and goatskin - £500... MORE >>

USAAF Type A-2, 42-18775-P By Aero Leather Clothing

The latest A-2 from Aero, our recreation of the last of the seven contracts awarded to Aero between 1937 and 1942- £500... MORE >>

Escape Whistle for A-2 Jacket

WW2 escape whistle made by the original wartime supplier, with all AM markings - £15... MORE >>

USAAF Type A-2, Seal Brown Goatskin

USAAF Type A-2, Seal Brown Goatskin

A-2 Goatskin jacket with heavier hide than the slightly flimsy goatskin used by the AAF - £490... MORE >>

USN Type AN6552

USN Type AN6552

Type AN6552 leather jacket - £575  ... MORE >>

USN Type M422a

Original pre-war spec US Navy Type M422a goatskin flight jacket - £575... MORE >>

RAF Flying Jacket, Pre-War Model

Sheepskin jacket faithfully replicating the original 1930s Leslie Irvin design. RAF Pre WW2 Issue model - £700... MORE >>

RAF Flying Jacket, Battle of Britain Model

RAF Flying Jacket, Battle of Britain Model

Exact recreation of an original WW2 jacket made by the Irvin Parachute Co. - £675... MORE >>

Late WW2 Multi-Panelled RAF Flying Jacket

RAF Late WW2 Multi Panelled "Irvin" Flying Jacket £725... MORE >>

RAF Prestige Flight Suit

1930s Style Prestige Flight Suit, 100% Cotton.... MORE >>

Thunderer Escape Whistle by Acme c/w RAF Markings

WW2 Escape Whistle made by the original wartime supplier, with all AM markings, crown, stores numbers etc - £15... MORE >>

RAF 1933 Pattern Straight Zip Flying Gloves

A great recreation of the earlier style RAF flying gloves that had a straight zip.... MORE >>

RAF 1941 Pattern Angle Zip Flying Gloves

Made in soft Russet Goatskin, in gauntlet style as used by the RAF bomber crews.... MORE >>

WLA Two Year Service Armband

WLA Two Year Service Armband, in red or green - £20... MORE >>

Vintage Deadstock Women's Land Army Overalls

Deadstock Vintage Women's Land Army Overalls- £90... MORE >>

currently no products on file

Unit Patches, USAAF & USN Insignia, Blood Chits

Shown is a small selection of our huge selection of unit patches please email us for info on any insignia required.... MORE >>

Wings Over America Recrutiment Poster

Reproduction of Wings Over America Recruitment Poster by Artist Tom Woodburn... MORE >>

USAAF Rank Badges

USAAF Rank Badges... MORE >>

currently no products on file