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END OF LINE/CLEARANCE Eton Sweater Cream (Size S)

Base Price:£90.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order


This has been lightly used as a display item (out of packet).


• Recreation of 1920’s Eton Collar Sports Sweater

• Knitted in Scotland

• Made with 100% Shetland wool

New from Aero, a perfect recreation of the classic 1920s Eton Collar Sports Sweater, knitted in Scotland using Shetland Wool, reviving an early forerunner of both the polo shirt and the classic jersey tracksuit top.

Aero are merely continuing the long history of high grade knitting in The Scottish Borders. Prior to the end of WWI there was little available in the way of what we'd recognise today as sportswear. Team outfits apart, Ladies and Gentlemen tended to wear formal clothing to compete in sports, golfers wore a shirt and tie while ladies wore ankle length skirts to go cycling.

As sport became less the prerogative of the privileged classes, it became more usual for what was snobbishly known as "the working man" to take up sports such as cycling, cricket, athletics and even tennis Stores such as Lilywhites and Gamages began to offer clothing specifically designed for the sportsman and woman and this stylish pullover was one of the first, ideal for both sports and casual wear.

Worn for cricket, golf, tennis, athletics, cycling and members of an English rowing team it was one of the most practical sporting garments of the mid 20th Century.

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