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Aero Leathers Coat Hanger

Base Price:£12.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• Specially made with ideal profile for storing leather jackets

• Made from Birch Wood

The worst way to store a leather jacket is on a typical suit hanger with the steeply sloped shoulder used pretty much as standard by the hanger industry (see 'wrong' pic). Any length of use of these virtually guarantee deep creases forming down the front of a leather jacket starting from the join of the neck and the shoulder seam. This is caused as the weight of the leather hanging at an unnatural angle starts to fold inwards, this gets worse if the jacket is zipped up or buttoned up and summer storage will often leave creases which will never come out.


Aero have always used natural shoulder shaped wooden hangers for all our leather jacket stock. Over the years, these have run low and we've just restocked. This time, we've ordered enough solid Birch Wood hangers to make them available to our customers. Whatever else you do to look after your leather jacket, we strongly advise that the correct hanger shape is essential, whether it is one of our new wooden hangers or not!

One size (width 17.5")