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Apprentice Leather Jackets

Apprentice jackets are made by new additions to our team who are fine tuning their ability to craft an Aero to our high-quality standards. While some may feature the odd stitching wobble or stray stitch hole, many are almost indistinguishable from a regular label. These heavily discounted jackets are also made from the same grade one materials as any other Aero, so some of the best buys in the industry can be found here.

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Why choose an 'Apprentice' jacket from Aero Leathers?

Here at Aero Leathers, we have a wealth and knowledge when it comes to making leather jackets and one of the most rewarding aspects of our work over the years has been passing on this knowledge and successfully training so many highly skilled leather craftspeople, something we've been doing since 1984.

Making a jacket from heavy leather from start to finish takes a tremendous amount of skill, especially to the standards we set at Aero. Therefore, for their first few months on the team, each new machinist (regardless of previous experience) will start in our apprentice program to learn the ropes, trying their hand at increasingly intricate styles in a range of different leathers until they can craft an Aero to our quality standards. The jackets they produce during this time are given our Apprentice Label and listed within this department.

Because these jackets are made by future Aero stars who are fine tuning their craft, the odd stitching wobble or stray stitch hole is to be expected. Nevertheless, these jackets are made from the same grade one materials as our regular label jackets, so they are just as tough and will last just as long as any other Aero.

And because of nature of the learning curve, many jackets produced towards the end of a new machinist’s tenure as an apprentice are indistinguishable from a regular label Aero. While apprentice jackets are priced based on the quality of the work, even the best are still heavily discounted because they were made by an apprentice, so some of the best buys in the leather jacket industry can be found on this page.


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