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Blue Label Leather Jackets

Blue Label jackets are made by the same highly skilled machinists using the same top grade leather, but are cut far more efficiently/sustainably (just like they were originally). The result is an economical but still high quality leather jacket with a few charming imperfections - the leather may show the odd scar or blemish and there will probably be some minor mis-matching of shade or grain, all of which will blend into your jacket's ever-developing story as it ages.

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What is a Blue Label Jacket?

To live up to our reputation for producing some of the finest leather jackets on the planet, our made to order jackets are cut from only the best matched and most pristine hides. However, this highly selective process produces a lot of waste, with many hides or parts of hides not quite making the cut.

In an effort to become more sustainable and reduce our waste but still maintain the very high standards of our regular label, we decided to produce jackets made solely from these unused hides/part hides, in the same spirit as the manufacturers of old that have inspired our company over the years: when leather jackets were considered workwear and when every piece of leather went into the construction of a jacket.

Other than our cutters being less selective about the hides used in their construction, everything about a Blue Label jacket meets the same quality standards as a regular Aero, but the costs we save in producing them means a significant discount on their price. If you want a jacket with character and prefer the authenticity and charm of something less than perfect like most jackets from the ‘golden era’ were, then be sure to regularly check what’s on offer in our Blue Label department!

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