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Levis LVC XX > Levi's Jeans

Levis 501XX 1933 - Deadstock Dry

1933 model with 'National Recovery Act' white label - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1937 - Deadstock Dry

Features a cinch back, in addition to belt loops and a button fly - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1944 - Deadstock Dry

501 WW2 jeans with painted arcuate stitching - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1947 - Deadstock Dry

Levis 501XX 1947 Deadstock Dry jeans - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501ZXX 1954 - Deadstock Dry

Model introduced to the US East Coast in the 1950s - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1955 - Deadstock Dry

First 501 jeans to bear a Two Horse leather-like label - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1966 - Deadstock Dry

This decade started to wear undersized - these were the the slimmest silhouette Levi's 501 Jeans to date - £185... MORE >>

Levis 505 1967 Slim-Fit - Deadstock Dry

First pre-shrunk jeans from Levis, with slim-fit and zip-fly - £185... MORE >>

Levis 501XX 1890 - LAST PAIR - Deadstock Dry W30L32 (W28L29 After Wash)

Low Stock

Perfect replicas of 1890 model 501XX jeans - WAS £220 - LAST PAIR NOW ONLY £100 W30 Shrinks to W28 after one wash.... MORE >>

Levis LVC XX > Levi's Jackets
Levis Type I jacket 1936

Levis Type I jacket 1936 - Deadstock Dry

This is the first and the rarest of the three Levi jackets, introduced in 1936 - £290.00... MORE >>

Levis Type II Jacket 1953 Dry Denim

The 1953 Levi Type II Dry Denim Jacket, the second jacket £290... MORE >>

Levis Type III Jacket 1967 - Deadstock Dry

The last of the "proper" Levi Jean Jackets : £290... MORE >>

Genuine Aero x LVC "Blue/Black" Half Belt 40", VA#1436

  Lightly Used Levis Vintage Half Belt in Goatskin made by Aero for LVC  in 2002  - £400  ... MORE >>

Levis LVC XX > Levi's Shirts

Levi's 1920 One Pocket Sunset Shirt

Levi's 1920 One Pocket Sunset Shirt... MORE >>

Levi 1955 Sawtooth Western Denim Shirt

Authentic reproduction of the 1955 edition of the Sawtooth Shirt in rigid denim.... MORE >>