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Traditional Vintage Style Braces: Red

Base Price:£24.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• Specially crafted for heavy wear

• Leather ends

• Come with box (ideal as a gift)

• One size fully adjustable

Today it is far too common to see men's trousers crumpled around the wearer's ankles which brings to mind a quote of Oscar Wilde's: "clothes should hang from the shoulder, not the waist". Obviously too many gentlemen today have yet to learn the golden rule "a gentleman must wear braces".


Without braces it's rather hit and miss getting a trousers leg just the right length If they are worn too short and the effect is hilarious and if worn too long, as happens so often nowadays, and the appearance is downright slovenly.


Our superb traditional braces can resolve all issues concerning the appearance of a gentleman's trousers in one fell swoop. This essential piece of equipment is even more important when wearing vintage or vintage style trousers such as our Harris Tweed or CC41 Corduroys, vintage trousers should be worn slightly looser on the waist than modern trousers and only braces can keep the turn-ups sitting correctly over the wearer's boots or shoes.

One size fully adjustable (width approx 1.5")