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Lee 101J Storm Rider Blanket Lined Denim Jacket: Aged

Base Price:£330.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• Lee® 101 Storm Rider

• Rare 1950s Version

• Japanese Denim

• American Ring-Spun Cotton

• French Blanket Lined

• Lightly Aged

• Corduroy Collar

A stunning and painstaking reproduction by J.D. Lee of a rare archival Stormrider from the early 1950s with a unique styling detail on the inside; The signature French blanket lining (Pre Troy Mills) is left loose at the hem in a rare detail believed to be a throwback to early production when the shrinkage of the inner blanket wasn't consistent and so the solution was to not attach it.


Cut for in a relaxed fit - it's perfect for layering - with a handwoven (in the Alps) blanket-lining to the body and sleeves. The soft taupe cord collar marks it out as a true Lee® icon. Cut from Lee®'s 49 selvedge denim: a Japanese artisan-made left-hand denim dyed with 13 dips of indigo and features a single line blue selvedge. 100% premium cotton.


The cotton is imported mainly from the USA and the yarns are specially ring-spun for a higher quality finish. The shuttle looms used to craft this fabric only produce around 100 meters per 24h. A slow process, but definitely worth the wait.


These have been lightly washed with the addition of artfully crafted used areas, shoulder blasting and wrist 3D whiskers for an authentically vintage look.


Brass Lee® 101 buttons and pale gold threads.

Relaxed Fit.