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1950s Half Belt

Base Price:£780.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
Estimated production time is currently 8-10 weeks


• Classic 1950s cut

• Relaxed fit

• Zip closure

• Angled chest pocket

• Two moleskin lined hand-warmer pockets

• Side adjusters

• Pleated half belt back

• Storm cuffs as standard

Introducing you not just to an Aero Leather classic, but a whole genre – the Half Belts. The false half belt jacket, or more commonly shortened to ‘half belt’ jacket, is characterized by a belt or strap that appears to wrap around the waist of the jacket from the back. However, the false half belt feature is purely ornamental and while it may not serve a functional purpose beyond adding visual interest, the half belt is a classic and timeless design element that has stood the test of time and adds a touch of style and sophistication to any garment its featured in.

We took the best elements from countless originals that have passed through our hands over the years to create our famous design which is now known as our 1950s Half Belt and later made a slim-fit 1930s version which became and continues to be our most popular style in the genre.

The Aero 1950s Half Belt features a double pleated back with false half belt and side adjusting straps, a central zipper and a zippered breast pocket, with two slash hand warmer pockets. It has typical American storm cuffs and internal storm cuffs provide extra protection against the elements.

But the 30s and 50s half belts were just the start – we now have a diverse range of around thirty half belt styles – both original recreations and our own designs - all inspired by our favourite classic jackets which feature this timeless and stylish design element. The 1950s Half Belt is the original classic design and has been a popular choice for many of our customers since it's introduction in the mid-eighties.


Design Etymology

The origins of the false half belt jacket are unclear, but it emerged at some point in the early 20th century as a design element that added visual interest and style to otherwise plain jackets. The style became very popular among both men and women and was featured in countless classic designs and trends over the years. The ‘half belt’ was so ubiquitous that as we began to expand our range in the early 1980s, the ‘Half Belt’ was the third jacket we ever made after the Type A-2 and the Highwayman which began our ongoing project to resurrect and reimagine countless other half belt designs.

This jacket is a 1950s inspired design which offers a fit with quite a bit of room around the body which was typical of the more relaxed fitting styles of this era.

The perceived ‘correct’ fit of the 1950s was generally more ‘oversized’ than modern sizing, so we typically recommend either selecting your usual size for this style to achieve the intended ‘1950s’ relaxed fit, although many choose to size down for a more modern fitted look.

Additionally, the jacket’s side adjusters can be cinched in at the natural waist to provide a more fitted look around the waist while retaining room around the chest and shoulders, or alternatively, they can be loosened out to provide more room for layering.


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