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Board Racer

Estimated production time is currently 8-10 weeks from order confirmation
Base Price:£870.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• 1930s Style

• Slimmer fit

• Zip closure

• Asymmetrical stand collar

• Two angled chest pockets

• Zip cuffs

• Split panel back with kidney panel

• Standard length covers hip bone

• Non-standard pocket set up available to order

• Also available in the popular J-100 set up

• Pictured left in Black Jerky Horsehide

One of our best-selling motorcycle jackets, the ‘Board Racer’ has a long and storied history that dates to the early 20th century days of motorcycle racing in the United States – an exciting, fast-paced and dangerous form known as ‘board track’ racing. The design of the jackets worn by these riders was heavily influenced by the demands of the sport, which required riders to be both aerodynamic and protected from the elements. This resulted in a sleek, form-fitting cut to minimize wind resistance.

Inspired by those early designs, Aero’s Board Racer is cut with the same extremely close fit and has several other features optimising the jacket for riding. The curves cut at the collar and elbow are the optimal angle to combine comfort and practicality for riding and the front zipper stops short at the bottom so as not to pucker the jacket while seated. There are a few alternative configurations to our Board Racer available which have alternate back, collar and pocket set-ups. The most popular variation is our J-100 Board Racer inspired by Buco’s historic J-100 design.

The Board Racer remains a hallmark piece of motorcycle and vintage fashion history embodying the brave and daring spirit of early motorcycle racing and continuing to inspire new generations of riders and vintage fashion enthusiasts alike.


Design Etymology

Perhaps no version of motorcycle racing has ever been more notorious than early 20th century ‘board track’ racing. Highly powered specialist machines built by the likes of Harley Davidson, Indian and Cyclone raced on steeply banked wooden tracks, usually oil-soaked from earlier races, with riders reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour – often resulting in carnage. The danger and excitement of the sport drew crowds of spectators and inspired a new wave of motorcycle enthusiasts. A series of fatalities saw most, if not all, the board track venues closed by the mid-1930s, but the board racer jacket remained a popular style among motorcyclists and became a fashion statement in its own right, eventually metamorphosising through the famous Buco J-100 into what we now call a "Café Racer".

This jacket is a 1920s inspired design, and typical of many designs of this era, this jacket is very slim fitting – in fact it’s one of our slimmest fitting styles. It has high cut armholes and sleeves with an overall narrow and straight fit overall.

While many get the correct fit with their usual size depending on their body shape, many people need to ‘size up’ in this style. We typically recommend choosing at least the size closest to your expanded chest measurement.


For further general sizing information, please see our sizing FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, please get in touch.

Don’t worry, all sizing information displayed here is only a guide. Every order placed is checked over by a member of our production team who will confirm your size selection against your measurements or recommend any necessary changes that need to be made. If you have any specific queries, you can note these in the special instructions box on the ‘measurements’ page when placing your order.