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Kids RAF Jacket

Base Price:£400.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
Estimated production time is currently 10-12 weeks from order confirmation


• Exact replica of late WW2 RAF Flying Jacket

• 1940s style

• Relaxed fit

• Zip closure

• Multi panel

• Taped seams

• Real sheepskin leather

• Pictured left in Russet RAF sheepskin

Ever since Aero was founded we’ve made a kid’s version of The Late WW2 RAF jacket, so this children’s flight jacket isn’t new to our product line! Like the children’s WW2 RAF jackets we first made nearly 40 years ago, these are exactly the same specification as the Leslie Irvin original design, but in miniature!

To make the most of excess raw materials and off cuts we'll be using for these, we are only offering the Late WW2 Multi Panel jacket, a recreation of the 1944-45 Irvin jacket made when raw material shortages were at their worst. Many feel this is the most stylish of all three versions of Leslie Irvin's legendary jacket. Panel configuration of the Multi Panel jackets may vary slightly from one jacket to the next but the overall feel of a genuine RAF jacket from the mid 1940s will be faithfully replicated. Jacket in pictures is Seal Brown We've found that the most reliable way to fit kids is by their height, our patterns are made to 3" height increments, with children growing so quickly we'd generally advise to get a jacket a wee bit on the large size but we are happy to advise.

All materials used on our Kid's range are regular Aero grade but to keep the prices as low as possible these jackets are made mainly of from odd skins and large off cuts. This means there might be occasional slight mismatching of shade or grain, or scarring on the skins.

As kids grow so quickly, we recommend ordering one size larger than their age/size at the moment so they have room to grow into it.


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