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USAAF B-10 (Stock)

Base Price:£420.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order


Featuring the small number of USAAF we have to purchase for immediate dispatch. We currently have very minimal stock and have very long delays in making these jackets made to order.


• Replica of Original 1943 Test Sample

• Rare Test AAF Laboratory Label

• Cotton Shell

• Genuine Deadstock Talon Zipper

• Full Alpaca Lining

• Inside Pocket

• Mouton Fur Collar

• Pure Wool Jersey

Our Aero Type B-10 is lined in an extremely warm and luxurious genuine Alpaca Wool blend imported from Peru and woven to match the original specification. It has a genuine Mouton Fur collar, the waistband and cuffs are, of course, 100% virgin wool.


Our current jacket is fitted with a genuine vintage rectangular Taon Alloy zipper with the option of a replica triple marked Talon Art Deco zipper, both correct for the original Type B-10 contacts while the label is perfect reproduction of the Aero Test Laboratory label used to identify new designs in test during WW2 The B-10 was the first of the USAAF Cloth flight jackets. It was introduced in 1943 to replace the Type A2 when Hap Arnold decided that leather was a "luxury" flight crews could do without.


The B-10 was a military jacket that was also very popular as an easy to wear civilian jacket. It continues to influence civilian work and casual jackets today.

Our Type B-10 is a replica of an original 1943 Test Sample and has a fit which has what we would describe as an overall standard fit. It has a bit of room around the shoulders and chest, with movement aided by the style’s under-arm gussets and while it’s neater in the lower body it is still comfortable.

We typically recommend ordering the size closest to your relaxed chest measurement for a slimmer fit or expanded chest for a more relaxed fit.