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CC41 Wool Socks - Cream

Base Price:£30.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
  • CC41 Wool Socks
  • 100% Shetland Wool
  • Made in Scotland
  • Hand Finished


Care Instructions

Turn the sock inside - out
Wash at 30° wool wash, gentle spin
Do not tumble dry

We've had these knitted in Hawick, Scotland by one of Scotland's Premier sock knitters using the highest grade heavy Shetland Wool available. Each pair is hand finished and the classic CC41 symbol has been replicated on the sole.


CC41 stands for Controlled Commodity 1941.
Clothing rationing began in June 1st 1941 with no warning, it was announced out of the blue on the news at 9.00am mainly to prevent a rush of panic buying.

The CC41 label assured buyers of an officially approved quality, the CC41 label on our socks assure today's wearer of an even higher quality than would have been expected in the 1940's. The striking design was created by Reginald Shipp and was used on all approved wartime clothing.

In a bid to overcome the clothing rations, knitting became even more popular than before, people were encouraged to knit gloves, socks and scarves to send to the men in the armed forces while brightly coloured Fair Isle sweaters became a symbol of hope in a rather "black & white" World. Please check our range of Hand Knitted Fair Isle pullovers, all replicated from traditional patterns typical of those used during wartime which are perfect to team up with these CC41 trousers. Also worth checking are our CC41 Roll Neck sweaters and our range of knitwear hand knitted on The Isle of Harris.

For further information on CC41 Utility Clothing visit our listing for Mike Brown's book on the subject here

Size Guide:

Small - UK 5.5-7.5

Medium - UK 8-10

Large - UK 10.5-12.5