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CC41 'Tackety' Boots: Black

Estimated production time is currently 10-12 weeks from order confirmation
Base Price:£270.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• Exclusive to Aero

• Very heavy duty boots

• Made to order - wait time usually around 10-12 weeks

• Genuine heavy Scotch grain leather

• Unique heavy duty triple leather ‘hob nailed’ sole

• Unlined

• Handmade in the UK

Another superb vintage recreation new from Aero.

Available in full sizes only hand made to order with a 12-week delivery.

There are many opinions as to what constitutes traditional “Scottish National Dress” Billy Connolly claims it’s a pair of Wellies and a Boiler Suit, Sir Walter Scott would have us all in swathed in Tartan but these days that’s largely restricted to Football matches and Weddings.

We believe that Tackety Boots must be a leading contender. For most of the 20th Century virtually every man and boy in Scotland had a pair of hobnailed boots, known up here as “Tackety Boots”. Nothing stood up to the heaviest wear inflicted on footwear like a pair of Hob Nailed boots. As practical in the shipyards or mines as they were for weekend hiking and climbing and of course for the kids to play football in the streets or skid on ice covered ponds and lochans during the long Highland winters ….. even Oor Wullie wore a pair!

We’ve chosen to replicate a mid 20th Century CC41 Boot, made during a time of shortages and ration books when longevity was vital with a pair of Boots using 7 of the 55 points allowed per year under the rationing scheme. We are proud to reintroduce this largely forgotten piece of Scottish history. These superb traditional heavy-duty handmade hob nailed boots are the perfect recreations of the originals with a seven eyelet, 6.5 inch upper made from Black Scotch Grain leather and the ideal companion for an Aero Horsehide jacket. Like Aero jackets, these amazing boots are traditionally constructed in The UK using brass screwed and stitched welted construction incorporating a leather insole, a heavy-duty triple leather sole and a leather ring tip stack heel.

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