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Masters of the Air Jacket: Major John C Egan's Type B-3

Estimated production time is currently 12-14 weeks from order confirmation
Base Price:£1,140.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• As seen on Apple TV's "Masters of the Air" 

• The authentic recreation from the official manufacturer of Major John C Egan's jacket 

• Heavy Duty Arctic Shearling

• Unfinished Horsehide Trim

• Single Map Pocket

• Collar and Side Straps

• "Lift the dot" collar fasteners

• 1930s style gromit zipper

• Cast off Original Buckles

• Optional Chest Buckle

• Replica Label

• Recreation of early 1937 USAAF Contract

• Read more about the collaboration in our blog post here

Major John C. Egan was a renowned, courageous and skilled pilot during World War II, particularly celebrated for his leadership in the skies over Europe. Serving as a squadron commander in the 418th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group of the United States Army Air Forces, Egan, in his trademark sheepskin jacket, flew on over a dozen combat missions with the 100th. His daring missions often involved escorting bombers deep into enemy territory, where he faced relentless anti-aircraft fire and fierce opposition from German fighter planes. For his extraordinary valor and leadership, Egan was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Service Cross, among other commendations, cementing his place as one of the most distinguished pilots of the war.

Major John C Egan is one of the lead characters in Apple TVs new series Masters of the Air and played by Callum Turner. To recreate the iconic jacket worn by Egan which features heavily throughout the series, the Masters of the Air costume department approached us at Aero Leather Clothing due to our history of providing specialized wardrobe pieces for a wide range of film and TV series and our almost unique ability to replicate original World War II flight jackets—a skill that only a handful of companies worldwide can claim. The result speaks for itself and we are really pleased to have our work showcased throughout the series.

As "Masters of the Air" takes flight on our screens, viewers can anticipate an exceptional level of historical accuracy and detail. Aero Leather Clothing are proud to have played our in our dedication in faithfully replicating the iconic flight jackets of the past. The partnership between craftsmanship, history, and entertainment is set to make this series an unforgettable tribute to the heroes of World War II.

“Masters of the Air has been a joy to work on, the level of authenticity our garments had to meet has been totally without compromise, but that’s the way we like to work”.

Aero Director Denny Calder

The Type B-3 is a relaxed-fitting larger sheepskin jacket. It has extra room in the back for ease of movement and belts on the side for cinching in at the hem to keep out the cold.

We generally recommend that customers order their usual size (normally the one closest to their relaxed chest measurement), but many customers like to size down for a closer fit.


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