Masters of the Air Type B-3 available now

In a remarkable collaboration that merges the worlds of history, entertainment, and vintage recreation clothing, Aero Leathers have been commissioned to replicate a series of authentic World War II flight jackets for Apple TV’s upcoming show “Masters of the Air”.

This partnership is a testament to Aero Leather Clothing’s unparalleled craftmanship and our unique ability to replicate original World War II flight jackets – a skill that only a handful of companies worldwide can claim.


Honouring the Brave: A Sequel to “Band of Brothers”

Masters of the Air is a star-studded production with big names both behind and in front of the camera. Produced by dynamic duo Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg and starring Austin Butler, Anthony Boyle and Callum Turner, Masters of the Air stands as a sequel to the highly acclaimed “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific”.

The show is not only a cinematic spectacle, but also a heartfelt tribute to the brave men who served during World War II. Both Hanks and Spielberg are renowned for their deep interest in World War II history, and they are committed to ensuring the utmost accuracy in the costumes and details of the series.


A Journey of Delays and Dedication

The collaboration between Aero Leather Clothing and Masters of the Air began in early January 2021. However, the journey was not without its challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic brought delays to the filming process, along with changes in directors for certain episodes, and extensive post-production work. After a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated journey, Masters of the Air is set to grace our screens on January 26, 2024, with a total of nine captivating episodes. 


Callum Turner / Major John C. Egan’s Leather Jacket

Masters of the Air

Aero Leather Clothing's contribution to the series is nothing short of iconic. Among the approximately 40 jackets supplied for the production, one truly stands out—a distinctive early Type B3 flight jacket in an off-white colour. This stunning piece was commissioned for Callum Turner's character, Major John C. Egan. Its unique appearance sets it apart from the other flight jackets used in the series and it’s sure to be a much sought after piece following the series.

Pictured above: Major John C. Egan's Type B-3 made by Aero

The B3 USAAF Leather Jackets from Aero leathers are manufactured to exact military specification from 1942 which are offered in various leathers and trims, so you can enjoy the quality and style of these authentic WWII flight jackets as featured in Masters of the Air in a look that suits you.

If you're a fan of "Band of Brothers", "Masters of the Air", or simply love the style of the B3's, we've just released the version of the Type B-3's worn by Major John C Egan (Callum Turner) in Masters of the Air as a product. You can order yours here!

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An Impeccable Reputation in Costume Design

For decades, Aero Leather Clothing has played a crucial role in providing specialized wardrobe pieces for a wide range of film and TV series, building a sterling reputation within the costume department circle for “costume manufacturing to the highest standards in UK”.

Here at Aero, we understand the various hurdles and tight schedules required for film production and consistently delivers on our commitments. Over the years, we have provided jackets and clothing for numerous productions, including "Empire of the Sun," "Captain America," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "The Dig," as well as popular TV shows like "Peaky Blinders". Notably, we’ve supplied jackets for the highly anticipated upcoming drama "This Town," written by "Peaky Blinders" creator Stephen Knight, focusing on the Two-Tone music scene in Coventry.

Additionally, Aero Leathers recently provided jackets for the soon-to-open West End stage production of "Stranger Things". Costume artists and buyers in the industry appreciate Aero Leather Clothing's commitment to understanding their requirements and collaborating closely to achieve the desired end results.

As Masters of the Air takes flight on our screens, viewers can anticipate an exceptional level of historical accuracy and detail, at least partly thanks to Aero Leather Clothing's dedication to replicating the iconic flight jackets of the past. The partnership between craftsmanship, history, and entertainment is set to make this series an unforgettable tribute to the heroes of World War II.

Quote from Aero Director Denny Calder: “Masters of the Air has been a joy to work on, the level of authenticity our garments had to meet has been totally without compromise, but that’s the way we like to work”.

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