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Vegetable tanned leather

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Human beings have been wearing leather clothes for thousands of years, and prior to the Industrial Revolution, there was only one way to turn animal hides into usable leather: a process known as vegetable tanning.

Unlike other types of leather - which are tanned using synthetic chemicals - vegetable tanned leather is tanned using natural plant-based materials such as bark, leaves and fruits.

To be clear: vegetable tanned leather is NOT the same thing as vegan leather, because while the tannins come from plants, the leather itself comes from an animal.


Leather jacket


We're often asked how long it takes to break in one of our leather jackets, so we've written the following blog to give our customers some general guidance. While it would be nice for us to give a clear and definitive answer here, the amount of time needed to break in a new leather jacket varies massively depending on factors like how often you wear the jacket, what the climate is like where you are, where you store your jacket when you're not wearing it, and most importantly, what kind of leather the jacket is made from.