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Here at Aero Leathers, we work with a spectrum of different leathers, but we’re best known for our work with Horween’s Chromexcel® leather.

We often receive questions about Chromexcel leather; what is Chromexcel leather, why is it such a great leather option, and why do we use it? In this blog post, we'll delve into what Chromexcel leather is, what sets it apart, and why it is so desirable.

What is Chromexcel Leather?

Developed over a century ago by the Horween Leather Company, located in Chicago, Illinois, Chromexcel Leather is the original pull-up leather - that is, leather made using aniline dyes and sealed using natural oils and waxes rather than paints, pigments, and topcoats, resulting in a unique and dynamic ‘pull up’ effect in the leather.

Founded in 1905, Horween Leather Company is a family venture that has spanned 5 generations which has spent over a century building a name that has become one of the most revered and recognised within the world of premium quality leathers.

Chromexcel leather is their flagship leather, made using unique and time-honoured techniques and formulas that have remained largely the same for almost 100 years.

Producing leather of this quality is never quick or easy - the distinctive characteristics of Chromexcel leather are a result of 89 separate labour-intensive processes, which takes approximately 28 working days. This process begins with the very best quality horse and steer hides that are vegetable tanned (and later Chrome tanned to lock in the waxes and colour). The hides are then hot-stuffed with a proprietary blend of oils and waxes, infusing the leather with an unparalleled depth of colour, rich pull-up, and a soft, supple texture. The process is then completed with a hand rubbed finish to ensure the best possible results.

Characteristics of Chromexcel Leather

Rich, Deep Colour: Chromexcel leather is known for its vibrant and intense colour. As it ages and develops a patina, the colours become even more pronounced, giving it a unique and appealing appearance.

Natural Full Grain: The quality and beauty of Chromexcel leather lies in its full grain nature. The leather is not skived or buffed to give a uniform hide, but instead is used in its natural entirety with all of its natural grain and markings. This and any blemishes just add to the leather's character, making each piece distinct and one-of-a-kind.

Outstanding Durability: Thanks to its robust tanning process and full grain nature, Chromexcel leather is highly resistant to wear and tear. It can withstand the test of time, making it an excellent choice for products meant to last.

Aging Beautifully: Due to its full aniline nature, Chromexcel leather ages gracefully, developing a rich patina with time and use. This characteristic endears it to many who appreciate the history and stories embedded in their leather goods.

Versatility and Desirability: The desirability of Chromexcel leather transcends its aesthetic and durability; it's the versatility that sets it apart. This leather is often used in crafting high-end products from footwear to bags and in our case, jackets all of which demand not only elegance but also durability. Brands like Alden and Red Wing have built their reputation on crafting iconic boots and shoes from Chromexcel leather, and Aero Leather Clothing has become synonymous over the years with its exclusive use of Chromexcel Horsehide in its range of jackets.

Why use Chromexcel Leather?

Chromexcel leather (also commonly known as Horween leather, as it is Horween’s most popular leather) is a truly standout leather, defined by its stunning depth of colour and luxurious feel, Horween's Chromexcel leather is the embodiment of quality and craftsmanship and is one of the most sought-after materials for high-end leather goods. When broken in Chromexcel leather products develop their own completely individual grain pattern due to its traditional development process, making every product truly unique.

As a testament to its enduring appeal, this type of leather continues to be favored by artisans and enthusiasts who appreciate the fine balance between tradition and innovation that goes into creating every piece of Chromexcel leather. Whether it's on your feet, in your hands, or on your shoulders, Chromexcel leather stands the test of time and fashion, making it a truly desirable material in the world of leather craftsmanship.

Aero Leather Clothing have exclusive use of the even more rare and sought after Horsehide version of Chromexcel leather – what we call Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide (or CXFQHH for short).

If you’re interested in browsing the range of leather jackets we produce in Chromexcel and a whole host of other premium leathers from around the world, head on over to our website to take a look.

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