Masters of the Air Type B-3 available now


Estimated production time is currently 12-14 weeks from order confirmation
Base Price:£900.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• 1940s style

• Slimmer fit

• Longer cut

• Zip closure

• Two angled chest pockets

• Two moleskin lined handwarmer pockets

• Strapped cuffs

• Curved rear yoke

• Half belt back

• Side adjusting straps

• Pictured left in Seal Vicenza Horsehide

Since we introduced our 1930s Half Belt back in the 1990s we often been asked for longer versions of the jacket. Although we can add length to most of our styles we've always felt the best way to make a longer jacket in a slimmer 1930s style was to design a jacket specifically with the extra length that seems to be popular with many customers.


Inspired by an original jacket we "spotted on-line", we've taken our original 1930's patterns, narrowed the collar slightly, recut the sleeves and upper body, added a high yoke, removed the pleats at the waist and repositioned the back half belt to the optimum position for the length and to reflect the longer versions that started to appear in the late 1930s.


We've narrowed the sleeve slightly, changed the button cuff to a strap and buckle and changed the front to a three panel, four pocket set up with less slope to the front and with a higher set deadstock Vintage Talon zipper as standard. The result of these tweaks is a very stylish an unique jacket, yet true to it's vintage roots and quite eye catching.


For those who prefer a more simple design we've taken this beautifully fitting pattern, simplified the panel configuration and changed the cuff to a button fastening resulting in a very different looking jacket, The Plainsman, which is equally correct for the period.

This jacket is a 1930s inspired design which offers a closer fit to the body as was typical of the slimmer fitting styles of this era.

The perceived ‘correct’ fit of the 1930s is generally similar to modern sizing, so we typically recommend selecting your usual size for this style to achieve the intended fit.

We very rarely recommend sizing down.


For further general sizing information, please see our sizing FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, please get in touch.

Don’t worry, all sizing information displayed here is only a guide. Every order placed is checked over by a member of our production team who will confirm your size selection against your measurements or recommend any necessary changes that need to be made. If you have any specific queries, you can note these in the special instructions box on the ‘measurements’ page when placing your order.