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USAAF Type A-2: Aero Contract No. 42-15142-P

Base Price:£840.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
Estimated production time is currently 10-12 weeks from order confirmation


• Pattern taken from a number of original 1942 jackets in our archives

• Talon zipper

• Squared pocket corners

• Sculptured pocket flap

• Military grade cotton lining

• High grade knitted cuffs and waistband

• Ring studs

• Pictured left in Dark Seal Vicenza Horsehide

Styling, detailing, stitch pattern and label are facsimiles of the original Aero Leather Clothing, Beacon, NY Contract 42-15142-P. This Type A-2 is fitted as standard with a high grade Japanese made WW2 replica Talon zipper, a zipper identical in even the tiniest detail to the original WW2 Talon. Possibly the most famous of all the A-2 contracts, the first Aero contract to be produced in the iconic and eye-catching combination of Rust Wool jersey teamed with Seal Brown Horsehide.


Our most up to date incarnation of this famous jacket is cut from the original WW2 patterns made by Aero Leather Clothing of Beacon NY and benefits from a complete overhaul of our A-2s that we completed after months of sampling and checking of even the tiniest of details - bottom line, after checking and amending the entire grading from 34" to 48", we can guarantee that our current 42-15142-P fits identically to the equivalent WW2 issue jacket.

The 42-15142-P pattern is taken from several original 1942 jackets in our archives. It’s the most relaxed cut of all Aero Contracts, with more room around the body and sleeves and larger armholes. It’s probably the most iconic Type A-2 fit, typical of most examples seen in wartime photographs.

We generally advise ordering based on your natural chest measurement if you’d like a slimmer fit, or your expanded chest measurement for a more relaxed fit.


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