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USAAF Type A-2: Unknown Maker Contract No. 1756

Estimated production time is currently 14-16 weeks from order confirmation
Base Price:£840.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order

• Pattern developed from several original AC1756 jackets

• Rounded Collar with Collar Stand

• Talon zipper

• Rounded pocket corners

• Sculptured pocket flap

• Military grade cotton lining

• High grade knitted cuffs and waistband

• Ball Studs

• Pictured left in Seal Vicenza Horsehide

The AC1756 has one of the slimmest and most flattering cut of all the A-2 contracts, features such as the tapered body, high cut armholes, slim arms, narrow shoulders and the complicated stand collar design all have more in common with the 1930s jackets than the later wartime made A2s, the rounded collar of this contract is particularly stylish.


Classic colour combination for this contract was Seal Brown with Caramel Knits.


We've recently unearthed the original WW2 patterns we used to reproduce this model back in the 1980s. They were thought to have been lost during our move to the current factory in 1991 but now all 1756 A-2s are made using these original WW2 patterns which, combined with our deadstock Conmar zippers (while stocks last, every 1756 will be fitted with a genuine deadstock vintage Conmar zipper identical to those fitted in the 1756 in 1943), the exceptional skills of our team of specialist A-2 machinists and the correct horsehide leather ( the originals were made using horsehide in seal brown sprayed on a paler background just like our jerky horsehide) all means that our recreation of this rare contact is the best on the market.


Amongst the many USAAF contacts for the Type A-2 jacket there were four that didn't have the makers name on the label. Over the years there have been several schools of thought as to by whom and where these were made, one thing is obvious, it was a missed opportunity by the manufacturer to promote their name, after all, the 1756 in particular is one of the nicest fitting A-2s of all the WW2 contacts and the one the very first A-2s we made back in the early 1980s was based on.


Although the styling of Order No. AC1756 would suggest that this model is most likely to be a very early contact, recent research claims these were on the final A-2 contracts and made by Perry Sportswear, a conclusion we'd come to some years ago as the styling, if not all aspects of the cut, is very similar to the Perry Sports jacket.

The ‘AC1756’ pattern is developed from several original jackets and fits similarly to a 40-3785-P contract (which itself sits somewhere between the slim fitting 38-1711-P and the more relaxed fit of the 42-15142-P).

We typically recommend ordering the size closest to your expanded chest measurements, but some customers may prefer to size up for extra room for layering.


For further general sizing information, please see our sizing FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, please get in touch.

Don’t worry, all sizing information displayed here is only a guide. Every order placed is checked over by a member of our production team who will confirm your size selection against your measurements or recommend any necessary changes that need to be made. If you have any specific queries, you can note these in the special instructions box on the ‘measurements’ page when placing your order.