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Is a Leather Jacket Worth It?

Leather jackets are timeless classics, hailed as a fashion staple for decades. Although leather jackets are one of the most popular garments in the Western world, genuine high quality leather jackets aren’t as commonly seen as you might expect. A recognisable high street brand name doesn’t always (and often doesn’t) equate to quality, especially in the leather jacket world.

A true quality leather jacket inevitably comes with a higher price tag, which often leaves people wondering if investing in a leather jacket is worth it.

Is a real leather jacket worth it?

We might be slightly biased, but here at Aero Leathers, we think that investing in a good leather jacket is definitely worth it! There are so many benefits to investing in a real leather jacket versus going for a cheap alternative such as faux leather; here are our top 3!


Leather is one of the most durable materials for a jacket and in particular, full grain leather which is more durable, ages beautifully, and develops a unique patina over time and which any leather jacket claiming to be high quality must be made from. In fact, a well-maintained full grain leather jacket can last you a lifetime. Some even hand leather jackets down through their family as an heirloom, with decades of wear coming from a single jacket. Leather jackets are simply unparalleled when it comes to longevity.

While the initial cost may be more, a quality leather jacket is an investment in durability. Cheap alternatives might save you money upfront, but they often lack the durability to withstand the test of time. A well-maintained, premium leather jacket can last for decades, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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Leather jackets first rose in fashion following the second world war where they were commonly used by those serving due to their practicality and durability, and they only became more popular as time progressed. The 1950’s brought the rise of the “greaser/bad-boy” image, and leather jackets have remained a fashion staple ever since. While other trends go in and out fashion throughout the years, the leather jacket has remained a ubiquitous garment around the world across the decades, truly embodying the word timeless.

Leather jackets are very versatile and easy to style for every occasion. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them as a light jacket, or layer them up to make them more suitable for the winter months.

Quality leather jacket brands like Aero Leathers design their jackets with a focus on enduring style, ensuring that your investment doesn't become outdated after a season. This versatility adds to the overall worth of an expensive leather jacket, as it can be worn year after year without losing its appeal.


A well-crafted leather jacket is a work of art, and the craftsmanship involved significantly influences its overall quality. Respected brands invest time and expertise in creating jackets with meticulous attention to detail, paying attention to the cut and tailoring, ensuring that the jacket not only looks good but feels comfortable to wear. From precision stitching to carefully placed seams, the craftsmanship of a quality leather jacket contributes to both its aesthetic appeal and durability and this attention to detail contributes to a superior wearing experience that justifies the higher price tag.


All in all, if you’re looking for a stylish jacket that will last you a lifetime, leather jackets are arguably superior to any other material. Although they are a financial investment, when you buy from a trusted producer of quality leather jackets like Aero Leathers, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Here at Aero Leathers, we are passionate about quality leather goods. We use only the finest quality leather (read more: Why We Use Chromexcel Leather), and all of our leather jackets are handcrafted by our leatherworking experts. We specialise in made to order jackets, so you can be confident that the fit of your jacket will be exactly right for you. Leather jackets from Aero Leathers are true quality products that will last you for years to come.

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