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Original Contract A-2s
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"Unknown Maker" Contract No 1756 Type A-2

Amongst the many USAAF contacts for the Type A-2 jacket there were three that didn't have the makers name on the label. Over the years there have been several schools of thought as to by whom and where these were made, one thing is obvious, it was a missed opportunity by the manufacturer to promote their name, after all, the 1756 in particular is one of the nicest fitting A-2s of all the WW2 contacts and the one the very first A-2s we made back in the early 1980s was based on.

One theory is that these were made at a factory set up by the army? I’d rule that out as the Army was too busy fighting a war to get involved in the rag trade.

Then there is the jackets made in Australia later in WW2, we’ve seen and handled several of these and they don’t resemble this contract although it wouldn’t surprise anyone if some jackets were made in one of the USAAF repair units set up in The UK, these resembled big leather clothing factories and it would have made a lot of sense to have at least a few jacket produced in such a facility.  

Although the styling of Order No. AC1756 would suggest that this model is most likely to be a very early contact, recent research claims these were made by Perry Sportswear, a conclusion we’d considered  some years ago as the styling, if not all aspects of the cut, is very similar to the Perry Sports jacket.

Whoever made it, the AC1756 has one of the slimmest and most flattering  cut of all the A-2 contracts, while features such as the tapered body, high cut armholes, slim arms, narrow shoulders and the complicated stand collar design all have more in common with the 1930s jackets than the later wartime made A2s, the rounded collar of this contract is particularly stylish.

We’ve just unearthed the original WW2 patterns we used to reproduce these A-2 back in the 1980s. They were thought to have been lost during our move to the current factory in 1991 but all of our recrerations of the 1756 A-2s from today on will be made using these original WW2 patterns which, combined with our deadstock Conmar zippers (while stocks last, every 1756 will be fitted with a genuine deadstock vintage Conmar zipper identical to those fitted in the 1756 in 1942), the exception skills of our team of specialist A-2 machinists  and the correct horsehide leather ( the originals were made using horsehide in seal brown sprayed on a paler background just like our jerky horsehide)  all means that our recreation of this rare contact is the best on the market.

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