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Is a Leather Jacket Worth It?

Leather jackets are timeless classics, hailed as a fashion staple for decades. Although leather jackets are one of the most popular garments in the Western world, genuine high quality leather jackets aren’t as commonly seen as you might expect. A recognisable high street brand name doesn’t always (and often doesn’t) equate to quality, especially in the leather jacket world.

A true quality leather jacket inevitably comes with a higher price tag, which often leaves people wondering if investing in a leather jacket is worth it.


In a remarkable collaboration that merges the worlds of history, entertainment, and vintage recreation clothing, Aero Leathers have been commissioned to replicate a series of authentic World War II flight jackets for Apple TV’s upcoming show “Masters of the Air”.

This partnership is a testament to Aero Leather Clothing’s unparalleled craftmanship and our unique ability to replicate original World War II flight jackets – a skill that only a handful of companies worldwide can claim.


cowhide vs horsehide leather

When you’re browsing for a new leather jacket, there are a few important decisions you’ll need to make, such as which brand you buy from and selecting a jacket style. However, another decision you’ll need to make is deciding what kind of leather you want for your new jacket.

Two of the most popular types of leather used for jackets are horsehide and cowhide. Unless you work with leather, it’s unlikely that you know the ins and outs of these different leather types off the top of your head.


how to know if a leather jacket isgood quality

Before you invest in a leather jacket, it's worth learning how to distinguish between a high-quality piece and a cheap imitation. The differences may not be obvious at a glance, but you will notice them before long. A well-crafted leather jacket not only elevates your style but also stands the test of time.

Without further ado, let’s explore the key indicators that can help you to identify a genuinely high-quality leather jacket.


are leather jackets comfortable? man wearing leather jacket stood infront of motorcycle

Leather jackets have been a fashion staple for decades, synonymous with style, edge, and timeless fashion. There’s no doubt that leather jackets are cool and chic – but are they comfortable?

Due to leather being such a tough and durable material, you could be forgiven for assuming that a leather jacket must be uncomfortable, but that simply isn’t the case. A good leather jacket combines both practicality and comfort.


how much should a quality leather jacket cost?

Leather jackets are a stylish yet practical garment, capable of completing any outfit. Rising in popularity during the first world war for their practical application as aviator jackets, over the decades, leather jackets have increased in popularity. Becoming a popular choice for motorcyclists due to their durability, leather jackets have eventually evolved to become a chic fashion statement.

Since leather jackets are such a popular item of clothing, it’s no surprise that there are a wide variety of different brands selling leather jackets on a broad spectrum of prices – but how much should a quality leather jacket cost?


A leather jacket is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a timeless fashion statement, and an investment in style and durability. However, the lifespan of a leather jacket can vary significantly depending on several key factors.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that influence the lifespan of your leather jacket, including the quality and type of leather, style, fit, and care and maintenance it receives.


are leather jackets good for winter? Man in fur lined leather jacket stood on snow covered ski slope

As the temperature drops and the winter chill starts to set in, finding the perfect outerwear becomes a top priority to prepare for the frigid days ahead. While gloves and knitted scarves might seem the obvious choice to keep you warm, there’s another practical (and stylish) alternative that you might want to consider – a leather jacket.

Surprisingly versatile and effective in cold weather, in this blog post, we will explore the many reasons why leather jackets are a great choice for battling the chill. More...

why we use chromexcel leather - man stood on street in stylish dark leather jacket

Here at Aero Leathers, we work with a spectrum of different leathers, but we’re best known for our work with Horween’s Chromexcel® leather.

We often receive questions about Chromexcel leather; what is Chromexcel leather, why is it such a great leather option, and why do we use it? In this blog post, we'll delve into what Chromexcel leather is, what sets it apart, and why it is so desirable. More...

How should a leather jacket fit?

Finding the 'perfect fit' for a leather jacket can be challenging - there are just so many variables.

Tastes (and thus design choices) differ from country to country and from one manufacturer to the next. Two different leather jacket styles may have a vastly different intended fit, and that's before you account for the various body types and personal tastes of the individuals who'll actually be wearing the jackets.

Even the standard perceived 'correct fit' for a leather jacket has fluctuated drastically over the years to fit the trends of the time - as is reflected in the wide range of jackets available from Aero Leather Clothing.

As such, trying to pin down how a leather jacket 'should' fit is like trying to run a race without a start or finish line!

However, we have over four decades' experience of designing classic jackets and helping our customers to find the right fit, so we do have a few good general rules of thumb that we can share with you to help determine how your leather jacket ought to fit.