Masters of the Air Type B-3 available now



We are excited to welcome you to our brand new website!


Just some of the great new features of the website include:


  • New high resolution images of our entire catalogue

  • Improved user-friendly navigation/layout and search functions

  • A new personalisation section, featuring detailed information and pictures to help you choose your jacket’s leather, lining, hardware and any other additional personalisation options

  • A new FAQ section featuring a wealth of information breaking down industry terms and our own processes

  • Massively improved back-end support to make our workflow more efficient, ensuring you receive regular updates on your orders and get the very best service possible from us


We are still keeping our old website database archived for reference purposes, but because we are starting afresh on our new website, you will need to set up a new customer account. Simply click ‘manage account’ at the top right of the home page, which will then give you the option to register for an account.

As a thank you for taking the time to re-register, we are offering 10% off any orders placed on your new account during the 1st month of launching – just use the discount code ‘NEWSITE’ at checkout to claim this offer!

Some of you may have already noticed the switch a couple weeks ago and we’ve been busy the last few weeks ironing out any initial bugs before officially announcing. While we have done a lot of testing our new website to ensure everything is working and up to our standard and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do, as is the case with all new technology, there is likely to be a few remaining teething issues, so please let us know any feedback you have and bear with us during the first few weeks while we transition and iron out any initial issues.


The Aero Team