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Ladies Alpine

Base Price:£780.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
Estimated production time is currently 10-12 weeks


• 1930s style

• Slimmer fit

• Zip closure

• Epaulettes

• Moutton fur collar

• Full detachable belt

• Vented patch pockets

• Storm cuffs as standard

• Pictured left in Battered Steerhide

In the 1930s despite The Depression, rather than due to it, Alpine skiing made the transition from an exotic leisure pursuit for a handful of the rich and privileged to a worldwide participant sport. The growth was so rapid that in 1936 that there were a million American skiers as Alpine skiing had become a huge success in the United States as well as in Europe.

The proliferation of rope tows erected across The States may well have been the key factor, the climbing ethic was not for everyone, but Alpine skiing also fed on a lack of alternatives during the winter months; no superhighways to warmer climes, no jets to Miami.

Skiing took off rapidly, not only as a participation sport but also as a major spectator draw, with tens of thousands turning out to watch the thrills and inevitable spills of this exciting new sport. Like all new participant sports skiing needed purpose-built clothing and, arguably, the most stylish skiwear of the 20th Century was made in USA during the 1930s so when we asked our design team to come up with a collection of Skiwear to fit into the Aero range, they turned to this era for inspiration.

"The Alpine" leather jacket was the first of this skiwear range. The Ladies Alpine is a short-belted leather jacket with two flapped pockets giving security for possessions, a luxurious Fur collar and heavy Alpaca Wool lining for warmth, storm cuffs in the sleeves for wind resistance on the slopes and, keeping to the 1930s theme, closes by a genuine deadstock Talon zipper, actually from the 1950s but identical to the zippers of the late 1930s. The resulting is this practical and beautifully stylish Alpine winter jacket.

This jacket is a 1930s inspired design which offers a closer fit to the body as was typical of the slimmer fitting styles of this era.

The perceived ‘correct’ fit of the 1930s is generally similar to modern sizing, so we typically recommend selecting your usual size for this style to achieve the intended fit, or you may need to size up if you plan on layering with heavy sweaters. We very rarely recommend sizing down.


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