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Two Tone Dustbowl

Base Price:£900.00
Standard size range is 34" to 48" inclusive, other sizes are available by special order
Estimated production time is currently 12-14 weeks from order confirmation


• 1930s style

• Slimmer fit

• Two tone panelling

• Zip closure

• Multi-panel front with front yoke and waist panel

• Two deep moleskin lined hand-warmer pockets

• Drop front

• Button cuffs

• Side adjusting straps

• Double point rear yoke

• Vented half belted back

• Pictured left in Black and Cherry Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide

The design of our new 1930s half belt reflects the enforced austerity brought on by The Great Depression, yet at the same time typical of the flamboyance of those who survived this traumatic period in America's history relative unscathed.


While for most, money and resources were stretched to their limits, most jacket manufactures were very conscious of saving as much leather as possible when designing a new jacket. Hence the relative abundance of two-tone leather jackets in comparison to other eras. While this was a popular fashion item amongst the playgrounds of Hollywood and Manhattan, for the poor working man it was a way to get a cheap leather jacket as tailors strove to use every last piece of leather, putting together all manner of combinations of colours driven by need rather than design.


We feel this neat, slim fitting, multi panel Half Belt best reflects both sides of the great divide, typically of the era, most of the seams on this jacket are triple stitched which adds to the strength and the unique character of the jacket. The panel configuration lends itself perfectly for a two tone with plenty of contrast points.

This jacket is a 1930s inspired design which offers a closer fit to the body as was typical of the slimmer fitting styles of this era.

The perceived ‘correct’ fit of the 1930s is generally similar to modern sizing, so we typically recommend selecting your usual size for this style to achieve the intended fit.

We very rarely recommend sizing down.


For further general sizing information, please see our sizing FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, please get in touch.

Don’t worry, all sizing information displayed here is only a guide. Every order placed is checked over by a member of our production team who will confirm your size selection against your measurements or recommend any necessary changes that need to be made. If you have any specific queries, you can note these in the special instructions box on the ‘measurements’ page when placing your order.